And unlimited Data?…不

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  1. Grendels_ma says:

    You know, Elon Musk is basically Data.
    Without the joy, or humanity, or soul.

    • storminator says:

      I doubt that Elon knows how to please a woman in as many ways as Data does.

    • FullofStars says:

      Not, exactly. At least Data was aware of his shortcomings and made strides to stretch to new better heights. Phony Stark keeps showing up in the news, and your first response is “Christ, this asshole again?”

      I mean, he over paid for a $44 billion megaphone, that at current estimates may be worth less than $15, and dropping. Keep reading, and the successes of Tesla and Space-X seem to because of the money he brought in, but the rest of their success seems in spite of his help, not because.

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