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5 Responses ttto The versatility, looks, practicality, and durability of Leatherman multitools seems like peak design in world of tools

  1. FullofStars says:

    They also seem to have awesome customer service. A few years back, I sent mine in since the detent for the knife blade broke; the saw was a little dull having been used on horse-hair plaster.
    They just did a full replacement, so the saw was razor sharp again.

  2. storminator says:

    I prefer my VICTORINOX by Swiss Tool. They make Swiss Army Knives. WAY better design than the Leatherman.

  3. Grendels_ma says:

    The gerber is a better design too.
    You don’t kill your hands trying to use the pliers…

    • Greenman037 says:

      I have the Gerber. I used it all the time when I was a cable installer in the late 90s.

      • FullofStars says:

        Had a Gerber many moon ago on the sub. In my opinion, the Gerbers held an edge better for the knife, but were more brittle. The leatherman at the time put up with more abuse.
        I didn’t get a Leatherman at first, because their design at the time didn’t have a blade lock, and I knew I’d end up guillotine-ing my finger. The Gerbers had the sliding into position type pliers. Made a decent fidget tool.

        I also got to see one of the EMs (electricians mates) gerbers that got a little too close to a connector on shore power. 400 Amps removed about 3/4″ worth of the pliers jaw.

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