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  1. Bolthorn says:

    I have done both kinds of jobs, no idea why anyone would willingly go back to working public facing customer service after leaving. It is a hellhole where you’re not paid enough and everything is your fault even when it most definitely is not.

    • tiki god says:

      Same here and I agree completely with your statement. I’m facing the possibility of going from working from home for the last 4 years to working in an office again, which is hella gross.

      • Bolthorn says:

        I’m sorry man. I hope I never have to go back into an office again for work. My mental wellbeing is so much better working from home. I’m more productive at work and I can get small chores done around the house if I’ve got like 10 minutes between meetings. Not having a commute has also done wonders for my stress levels and that extra hour each day lets me get bigger chores done during the week so I don’t push them off to the weekend.

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