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2 Responses ttto School Meal Policy prevents children from getting food if they have a negative balance

  1. Saborlas says:

    We didn’t get a Smart Snack when I was a kid. You had three options, bring lunch, use a lunch ticket to get lunch (if you didn’t qualify for free lunch, you didn’t get the tickets until you paid), or go without.

    Honestly, if you’re legally gonna require kids to be in a certain place every weekday, you should feed them. Hungry kids don’t learn.

    Which is part of the evil of funding schools with property taxes. Schools in bad neighborhoods don’t have the funding for free lunch (or decent teachers).

  2. Bolthorn says:

    I’ll say it again, if we’re supposedly the greatest country on Earth, we shouldn’t have hungry kids. Anyone that is against providing free lunch to kids in school can not call themselves pro-life.

    School lunches should be free for all students and they should be healthy, nutritious, and tasty. It is possible to have all three.

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