[OC] Auto Theft per County in USA

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storminator (#2681) (MCS+)
19 days ago

I work with a guy who had his car stolen twice in one night. We were working at the Key Arena, and a guy stole his car in the parking garage, but he couldn’t get out of the garage. He took his registration, and knew where he lived, so they came to his house and stole it a second time. This time, successfully. The cops found the car in a Park and Ride, where the guy was doing his girlfriend in the front seat. He tried to evade the cops and smashed into their cars trying to get away. The… Read more »

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tiki god
tiki god (#1) (MCS+)
Reply to  storminator
19 days ago

that really sucks!

storminator (#2681) (MCS+)
19 days ago

On another point, looking at the map of Alaska- it surprises me that so many cars are stolen where there are NO ROADS AT ALL!! LMFAO

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